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  • 1. Do you ship globally?

    At this time, we only ship within the USA. We are actively looking for cost efficient means to take our shoes global in the near future.

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  • 2. Are sales commissions reported via 1099?

    As a consultant, you are an independent contractor for YouGotShoes. As with any other Independent Contractor relationship, you will ultimately be responsible for your own tax filings.

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  • 3. What is the commission structure?

    Our commission structure is comprehensive and easy to understand. Consultants earn 30% for every pair of shoe sold (Level 0 Direct). If they are on a team, the person who referred them (Level 1) gets 4% commission on every pair they sell. The person that referred them (Level 2) earns a 3% commission on the original level 0 sale. Commissions are paid out all the way to Level 4, who receives 1% for the original direct sale.

    0 (Direct)30%


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  • 4. Do I get to pick the shoes that come in my Starter Pack?

    Yes! The shoes in your starter pack are yours to wear and promote your store. We allow you to choose 1 size, and the ability to pick from our collection of shoes to get the perfect pack.

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  • 5. Are there sales minimums?

    No, none whatsoever. We do have sales incentives, but there are no consequences for low performing months. We understand.

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  • 6. How do I add someone to my team?

    That's easy! Once your referral purchases a starter kit, make sure they enter your email address when filling out the referral section. This will automatically add them to your team.

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  • 7. What do I do with the physical shoes sent by YouGotShoes?

    Those shoes are yours to keep to use for promoting your store.

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  • 8. What is the payment schedule?

    Payments only begin once you’ve earned more than $20 in affiliate income. If your affiliate account never crosses the $20 threshold, your commissions will not be realized or paid. We are only responsible for paying accounts that have crossed the $20 threshold. Payments are dispersed every two weeks. Payments are counted after your customer has had their shoes past the 30 day return/exchange grace period.

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  • 9. I want more shoes!

    There are multiple ways to get more shoes

    1. Shoe Sales Bonus - For every 20 pairs sold from your store, we'll send you a free shoe in your choice.
    2. Booster Packs - These are packages of 6 pairs of shoes in various themes; heels, flats, festival, summer, etc.  These can be purchased through your consultant portal.
    3. Starter Packs. You are free to purchase as many starter packs as you'd like. Doing so will not require you to have multiple YouGotShoes accounts.
    4. Starter Pack Bonus - For every 10 Starter Packs sold from your store, and 10 consultants added to your network, we send you a FREE Diva Pack.
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  • 10. From where does YouGotShoes manufacture and ship their shoes?

    YouGotShoes is partnered with GuiltySoles Women's Shoes, and together we manufacture our shoes in several international factories. We control the entire process, from textile selection all the way to the tissue paper in your shoebox. We're extremely hands on with this process, and only use the best facilities and manufacturing processes to make the shoes you love. Our warehouse is located in Western Pennsylvania, and allows us to quickly ship orders to customers anywhere in the country.

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  • 11. How old is YouGotShoes?

    YouGotShoes was initially an affiliate program for GuiltySoles Women's Shoes. That program lasted successfully for two years. In early 2017 we realized that we had something special and created a spin-off company that exclusively deals with our fashion consultants. We still use GuiltySoles' amazing line of shoes though, so don't be surprised when you open your box 🙂 As interest grows, we're considering the possibility of creating an exclusive YouGotShoes brand.

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